SkyWin climate compensation


SkyWin® offers the possibility to let skydivers pay for their contribution of the pollution by paying an amount for each jump registered in SkyWin®.

Each jumper can decide whether they should pay for climate compensation or not on their jumps, it is totally voluntary. The option for paying is set on each Member and can be selected as Yes, No or Ask for each jump.

The administrator can set the price for climate compensation individually for different altitudes. These prices can of course be set to zero (0) to disable the climate compensation function in SkyWin®.

After a period of time, e.g. a quarter of a year or a whole year, the administrator can make a report from SkyWin® of the total deducted sum for climate compensation and take action. There are no automatic payment from SkyWin® to any of the several organizations that exist handling climate compensation, the actual payment has to be done manually.

Description of usage
Enter prices for Altitudes in SkyWin | Management | Altitudes.

The option is set for each Member.

If Ask for each jump is selected a choice has to be made each time the jumper wishes to make a jump.

The price is automatically deducted for the jumps depending on altitude.

The sum of all climate compensations is presented on Jump statistics among other reports.