SkyWin customer references

Hercules Boogie

The logistics of running such a huge aircraft and make 2 000 jumps every day makes it a necessity to have a software that keeps us - and the jumpers - on top of whats going on. SkyWin does all that!

by Berndt Hybner | 16 Sep 2004 | representing Hercules Boogie

Cirrus Gothenburg Skydiving Club

Our Club started using SkyWin in 2001 and since then we have continuously improved our use of SkyWin, constantly finding new ways to use this all-in-one tool.

I find it very easy to use and the most common tasks can be performed by anyone with very little instruction. SkyWin takes care of everything from registering new students to manifesting the first lift for the next day.

As an added bonus you can use the data collected from SkyWin to make an economic evaluation of your clubs jumping, print an adresslist of all your current members and much much more.

by Björn Carlsson | 27 Mar 2008 | representing Cirrus Gothenburg Skydiving Club