SkyWin history - the evolution of SkyWin

Year Event
1992 The first version of SkyWin®'s predecessor, called Member, was developed using Clipper and DBase IV. It was primarily developed in order to keep all members in a database instead of re-writing the member list on a typewriter every year.
The features of Member included member administration and some reports for the printer. That was it.
1993 When Microsoft released Visual Basic 3 during this year we re-wrote all Clipper-code to VB3 and simultaneously added functionality to handle payments and membership (licenses).
Still only one user.
1994 For the first time the program was used for administrating jumps during Bermuda Boogie, which was a joint venture between three clubs in Sweden. A lot of bugs were discovered and development took place during night time and a new version was deployed each morning.
1995 The first copy of SkyWin® was sold. SkyWin® was registered as a trademark.
1996 ADB-Ekonomi was started and SkyWin® was included in the company's line of business.
1998 With the release of Visual Basic 6 a great deal of time was spent to re-write the program.
2001 SkyWin® was completed for the Swedish customers. A long list of features to develop remained.
2002 Hercules Boogie used SkyWin® for the first time. IBM's DB2 was used in a network installation of SkyWin® which served 7 clients.
A lot of development was made in order to make SkyWin® work in a network and for the first time with a database other than Microsoft's Access.
2003 SkyWin® was changed in order to handle Microsoft's SQLServer.
2004 Hercules Boogie 2004 used SkyWin® again, also this time IBM's DB2 was used.
2006 ADB-Ekonomi ended it's operation and the development of SkyWin® stopped. Plans for selling the source code started to grow, but no effort was made to actualize them.
2007 Customers outside Sweden started to make contact wanting to buy SkyWin®. Two copies were sold.
2008 SkyWin® was changed in order to handle MySQL.
A new fresh start for the completion of SkyWin® has taken form and the company SkyWinner KB was established. The road map for future development of SkyWin® was completed and the development has been resumed.
Be a SkyWinner :-)
2009 SkyWin® took another step against internationalization by handling all date- and time formats.
2010 SkyWin® was changed in order to handle MS SQL Server 2008.
SkyWin® took another step towards fame by creating its own Facebook page.
2011 SkyWin® introduced the possibility for skydivers to climate compensate for their jumps.
2012 The license model that has been unchanged since the start was altered in order for the price to better reflect the use of SkyWin®.
2013 A new web service layer was introduced, giving users the possibility to get information out of SkyWin® in a controlled way.
2017 We removed the support for database IBM DB2.
2021 A new web based component SkyWin® One was introduced, which will replace the legacy SkyWin®-component (Windows only).
We removed the support for database Microsoft SQLServer.
2022 The price model for SkyWin licenses was altered (removed parameter Number of computers).
2023 Support for Mass- and Balance calculation through external service was introduced.