SkyWin GDPR implementation


SkyWin® supports removal of personal data after a defined grace period. Because license data often is handled, and owned, by a centralized and national association, this grace period can differ in each country.

Erasing personal data and setting properties for automation of this process is handled by users having the Data Protection Officer role in SkyWin®.

Important note

Erasing personal data is an irreversible process and neither SkyWin® itself or any staff from SkyWinner KB can retrieve the information once it has been erased.
Always make sure that you have relevant backups of your data.

Description of usage
Assign the role Data protection officer to the user that will be responsible for data/information, you find it in SkyWin | Users | Access.


Use a login with the role Data protection officer and change the settings as desired in SkyWin | Options | Local settings.

Select Erase information if you want this to happen automatically. During program startup every member without balance on their account will be processed, and if the criteria is fulfilled then personal information will be erased.
The Grace period is used to let members be untouched for a specific number of days, before personal information can be erased.


As a Data Protection Officer you can, upon request, erase information for a specific member through SkyWin | Administration | Members, open the member dialogue and press "Erase info" - if this option is NOT available, then it is not yet possible to erase information.


As a Data Protection Officer you can also select to manually start the process of erasing personal information for all members that fulfil the criteria, through SkyWin | Register | Erase personal information...


Information that will be erased

The following will be permanently erased:

  • Name
  • Address
  • PID (Social security number)
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Occupation
  • Comment
  • Reserve repack date
  • Next of kin, name and phone
  • Private messages

This information is kept:

  • License and instructor information
  • Weight
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Transactions
  • Jumps
  • Group memberships