SkyWin Configuration

Database access

The task of setting up an MySQL database on a server is not part of the SkyWin® installation. We deliver all necessary scripts for this task, and the best way of getting started is to order an empty MySQL-database from SkyWinner.

  • Install the 32-bit (!) ODBC driver for MySQl.
  • Start SkyWin® and select menu File | Options | Database.
  • Change Type of database access to ADO-database.
  • Fill in an appropriate ADO connection string, you can find examples at the manuals page.
  • Close the Options dialogue and restart SkyWin®.
Local settings

SkyWin® is storing settings in both the database and in a local file. The file is named and is located at C:\Users\__windows_username__\AppData\Roaming\Skywinner\SkyWin.

We strongly recommend you to keep a recent backup of this file, if it gets corrupted.

Program License

The license number must be entered in SkyWin®. When the program starts it will ask you to enter the license number if one isn’t previously entered.
Enter a valid license number and press Enter.

When you buy a license of SkyWin® you will get a valid license number from SkyWinner.

To change the current license number to another, e.g. when you want to switch from a Demo license key to the one you bought, start SkyWin® and select menu Help | Enter license number.

Restrictions in the program when running on a Demo license
  • The splash screen when starting SkyWin® will be shown for a prolonged time of 4 seconds.
  • The user Demo will be automatically logged on when starting SkyWin®.
  • All prints will be marked as printed from a Demo version of SkyWin®.