SkyWin® API

Important - this page is kept for archive reason only.

The latest and greatest information regarding SkyWin® One can be found by clicking here.
You need to manually convert your API calls, see this documentation!

  • MySQL - important! - the SkyWin® API will only work with MySQL databases
  • A web server like Tomcat - we have developed and verified with Tomcat 8.5.37
  • Java Runtime version 8, get it here
  • - important! - Do NOT use a version above Java 8, it will not work
  • Minimum java heap (memory) 1GB - developed and verified with these settings: -Xms512M -Xmx1024M
  1. Two system variables must be set on the server running SkyWin® API.

      A directory listing where to put the configuration file (see below). It is important that the user running SkyWin® has the permission to read files here.
      E.g. SKYWIN_CONFIG_DIR=/etc/skywin/config
      A directory listing where SkyWin® can write log files. It is important that the user running SkyWin® has the permissions to create and write files here.
      E.g. SKYWIN_LOG_DIR=/var/log/skywin

  2. A file named should be placed in the directory for configuration (see variable SKYWIN_CONFIG_DIR above).
    Use this example file as a starter and make needed changes.

  3. The database must be updated (once) with new user tables. Run the script SkyWinOne_UserTables.sql once.


Make sure all installations according to the prerequisites above are working.

Deploy the downloaded file skywin.war in Tomcat (or equivalent).

Open up <your server address>:8080/skywin/ in your browser and verify that the application starts

First time actions:

  • Click on Log in in th menu
  • Use Username admin and Password skywinone and click on button Login - it is advisable to change the password of the admin user as soon as possible
  • Click on User control | Users in th menu
  • Create a user to be utilized for the API:
    select Username and Password and make sure you mark the Role ROLE_API before you click on button Create
    when the user is created and shown, click on button Edit, select the Locked for login, click on button Update
  • You can browse the API endpoints (and try them out):
    Click on Administration | Show REST API in the menu