SkyWin One functionality

What's included in SkyWin® One

A list of all functionality that are ready to be used in SkyWin® One, instead of using the legacy Windows-based component SkyWin®.

  • Member info page - a personal page with individual login that shows member and contact information, jumps and transactions, demo example.
  • SkyView - showing the upcoming loads and with live flight info, demo example.
  • SkyWish - called the Jump Queue now, but still the same - jumpers can add themselves to the queue for skydiving, demo example.
  • Checkin - update existing Members, or even add new ones, to make them ready for skydiving.
  • Groups - setup groups of jumpers that can be used for determining special prices if wanted.
  • Passengers - for the manifest or tandem responsible to handle all Tandem and Cockpit Passengers. Make sure they have what's needed before jumping, and then move them to the Jump Queue. Includes creating Health Declaration and Tandem Report (PDF).
  • Aircrafts - all aircrafts and their settings.
  • Jump prices - edit all prices for one Aircraft at a time in the same view - like in a spreadsheet.
  • Messages - setting message to be shown in SkyView.
  • Member selections - define selections to filter Members, they can be used in the Member list and when searching for Members.
  • Payments - transfer between Members/Groups
  • Administration of
    • Users and roles
    • Countries
    • License, Instructor and Certificate types
    • Jump types
    • Altitudes
    • Education schemes
    • Jump programs
    • Video and Wingcam types
    • Payment profiles
    • Payment methods and reason codes
    • Voucher types
    • System parameters
  • API support - see this documentation.
  • Support for English and Swedish language in the user interface.

What's NOT ready to use in SkyWin® One

A list of functionality that soon will be available, but you still need to use the legacy Windows-based component SkyWin® for them.

  • Members - handle them in a smooth manner
  • Students - register many at a time (student course)
  • Clubs - handle them in a smooth manner
  • Payments - payments to Members/Groups
  • Manifest - the core of skydive administration, it is however possible to see everything in the new Manifest